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Code of Conduct (Read First) | Dragon Age Podcast

Code of Conduct (Read First)

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Before I get started, let's be clear on one thing: We have the right to change this code of conduct at any time for any reason.

I should also mention:

The Moderators and Administrators have the right to lock your thread, ban your IP, ban your account, and edit or delete your posts or profile for any reason without warning.

Don't worry though, generally we won't do this.

Here are some general guidelines to not have any of those things happen to you:

  1. Do not personally attack other forum members - Nobody likes being the back end of a joke, nor does attacking the person you're arguing with help your point of view. There are plenty of places on the Internet to fight with people for the sake of fighting. You won't be doing it here. There are better ways to argue. Instead of "You're stupid" try "I can't see how that makes sense, here's what I think..." You're still disagreeing strongly while contributing to the argument instead of just making a member upset.
  2. Keep the politics somewhere else - I have yet to see a political discussion on the Internet where two people disagree that doesn't turn south in a hurry. If the community wants a place to talk about this stuff, we can make an area for it. Until then, just avoid political discussions here.
  3. Do not discuss the "How to" of piracy or warez - Although you can discuss piracy as a topic, do not discuss the methods used to pirate things. Yes, this includes "backup copies." There are plenty of places online to find out how to pirate the latest and greatest piece of media, but this is not one of those places.
  4. Do not link to pirate/warez sites - Implied from the above guideline, we don't want to see any links to the places that do tell you how to pirate things or that provide pirated content.
  5. Keep the profanity in line - You won't get in trouble for swearing on these boards, you'll get in trouble for swearing excessively. We're going to look at your tone as well. Hopefully I won't have to put more detail into this guideline.
  6. No porn - Simple enough, right? I want this to be safe to browse at work.
  7. Use NSFW and link, do not embed to questionable content - If you think it's not quite safe for work, please flag and link. Be on the safe side here, please. We don't want to see anybody getting fired because of some links from here.
  8. Use the kind of English you'd use on a paper - I'm not talking about any of you who do not speak English as a first language. In fact, you're usually better at it than the rest of us. What I'm talking about is using basic English grammar. The stuff you learned in Elementary (or primary school, for some). Please use complete sentences, stay away from leet speak, and limit acronyms. You have more than 140 characters here, feel free to use them.
  9. Don't whine - I don't like hearing people whine and I would bet that you don't either. This includes complaining to the mods, complaining about the mods or other members, and those pesky "I'm leaving" or "I'm going to be banned" threads. If you don't like it here, then leave. If you are leaving (for a while) because life is getting in the way and you want us to stay informed, that's fine and you can let us know if you want. I just don't want to hear any whining.
  10. Advertising your site - This one is tricky. The basic rule is that if you're obviously just advertising some website or service, I'll be locking your thread and banning you. If you, however, are a member of the community and you have your website in your signature or on your profile, that's fine. What I do NOT want to see is you posting a new thread every time you have a new post on your site. Feel free to use your status for that. If we determine that your only purpose on this site is to advertise for another, we will be banning you.
  11. Usernames - If your username has to do with sex, drugs, illegal actions, vulgar statements, or anything else obviously inappropriate, we may first PM you and ask what you want your new name to be and change it, but if you don't respond or you've crossed the line we will be deleting your account. Not just banning it.
  12. Be descriptive - Thread titles like "What do you think?" aren't useful. Change it to "Crafting or buying, what do you think?" or something where people can tell what the topic is about by the topic title. Frequent violations will get you in trouble. We won't close the thread unless you refuse to rename it.

We will usually follow this procedure:
First Offense - A private warning via PM. Based on what you violated, this could just be a reminder.
Second Offense - A public warning, possible temporary ban.
Third Offense - Account banned.

That being said, the procedure can change. Generally we'll give you chances to fix whatever you did, especially when the violation is accidental, not hateful. If, however, you are found to be toxic to the community or you appall us somehow, we might just ban you right away.

Avatars and Signatures

Animated avatars will be deleted, no excuses.
Vulgar avatars will be deleted, and you'll be warned, no excuses.

Matt's Opinion: Images in signatures are like bumper stickers. You think yours are cool, but everyone else's are just annoying. So images in signatures are strongly discouraged, we don't need the extra clutter.

Some size guidelines for signatures:
Text-only: up to 6 lines of text
Image only: up to 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall
Text and image: In the image, for every 20 pixels less than 100, you get 1 line of text. IE: 500x80 would allow 1 line of text, 500x70 would also allow 1 line. 500x60 would allow two. 500x40 would allow three. 500x20 would allow 4.
Animation: please avoid flashing, blinking, or any inappropriate animations.

If I, or any moderator, finds your signature to be distracting, it will be deleted. If people can't play nice, we'll just turn signatures off. I don't want to do that, but I'd rather have that than the average Internet forum where 2/3 of the page is people's ridiculous signatures.

The Final Word

I hope I don't come off as being some arbiter of draconian rules. This site is run by just a few of us in our free time. Those of us who have put in our time and money to get this off the ground will run this however we want. Our goal is to have a strong community here. We may edit things we don't find appropriate or don't like just because we don't like them. Don't take it personally. When we have an issue with you, you'll see a PM show up.

Our moderation won't always be fair. If you've contributed quite a bit to the site, or you've helped us out in the past, you might not get banned when other people would. If you've been warned privately or publicly you'll be expected to adhere more closely to the rules. If all of this seems too hard to deal with, we're happy you stopped by, but you might find it easier to be involved with other communities.


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