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DA Podcast - Episode 4: Smiley Face | Dragon Age Podcast

DA Podcast - Episode 4: Smiley Face

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In this episode of the Dragon Age Podcast we wrap up the Bazaar discussion, discuss BioWare's Feast Day DLC, and bring you the latest from the Dragon Age Nexus. Our Community Segment this episode is the long awaited "Sneaky Build Tips." We feature an interview with the Baldur's Gate 2 Redux mod team, and we read and respond to the feedback we've received since our last episode. And somehow along the way we talk about smiley faces.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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You can find the Sneak Build Tips at 25:24 and the interview at 49:19.

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VaeVictus X
I just finished Dragon Age: Origins with my first character, a Dwarf Commoner Warrior. Clocked in at 94 hours. Human Noble Rogue is next. :)
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Sneaky Build Tips

John Say wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

There are basically two viable builds to a Rogue - High Dex or High Cunning.

High Dex Rogues usually go for Archery talents, though with the Dex fix, Dual Daggers are also experiencing a surge in popularity. Their main advantage is that with high Dex, their attack scores are usually through the roof, meaning their attacks hit more often (theoretically, anyway... without any way of knowing enemy defense scores, there isn't any way to perform a test supported by actual numbers). Also, Dexterity increases Defense scores, which usually won't mean squat for a character specialized in dealing damage, but having that extra bit of survivability helps.

High Cunning Rogues rely on Lethality and Assassin specs to deal more damage than Dex Rogues, though it also theoretically means you have less chance to hit (again, can't really be tested for), though people claim that the difference is minimal at worst. They also make better Bards since Cunning increases the effectivity of Song of Valor and Song of Courage (the latter, by the way, helps in reducing the attack score gap between high-dex and high-cunning Rogues). Finally, Cunning Rogues don't need to invest too many points in the Deft Hands talents - pretty great considering that Rogues suffer from a lack of talent points more than Warriors do.

As far as attributes go, Rogues should get enough Strength to wear the best light armor (which is 20 - item bonuses count toward that total). Dexterity should be raised enough to get all the talents you'd need (usually 30 base points for Archery Rogues, 26 base for Dagger Rogues), while the rest go towards your chosen primary attribute (either Dex or Cun).

Humans and Dwarves make the best rogues because of their racial bonuses - less points are wasted on useless attributes (like Magic and Constitution).

Archery Rogues will also benefit from some points in Willpower, since they will be spamming abilities more. Dagger Rogues can go without adding points in Willpower because they will rely on backstabs (i.e. auto-attacking) to deal most of their damage. Of course, Deep Mushrooms can be consumed instead for Stamina concerns so attributes can be saved on other things.

Dagger Rogues don't need too much talents from the Dual Weapon Tree for them to be effective - most of their points are spent on Rogue specific talents or Specialization trees early on. The only Dual Weapon talents that are a must-have as early as possible are the 3 Dual-Weapon passives and Momentum. Everything else can wait until you have spare talent points (which won't happen too often)

Archery Rogues spend most of their points in the archery tree early on. I personally find Melee Archer to be a must-have, so your attacks don't get interrupted, and then getting Critical Shot, Scattershot and Arrow of Slaying as soon as possible. The only sustainable worth having up from that tree is Rapid Shot, up until you can get equipment that gives Rapid Aim (which doesn't stack with Rapid Shot, but gives the same bonuses without the drawback), or until your Crit % chance reaches more than 10%, whichever comes first.

one more thing to note is that Archery Rogues are much easier to play. Just attack from afar and spam all abilities. Dagger Rogues need proper backstab positioning to make them as effective as possible.

Hope all of this helps.

- John

Marc wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

Hey Dudes,

Firstly, great job with the podcast. Secondly, when it comes to Rogues, I'm all about dexterity and dual wield. One of my PCs is a dualwielding rogue, and I completely dominate with her. Mostly, I focused my points on dex (duh), constitution, willpower, and strength. There are sustained abilities in the dual wield tree that add a bonus to your attack speed. Next thing you know, you're tearing through darkspawn like a machine built for such a task.

The higher your rogues dex, the easier that Archdemon is to defeat with ballistas.


PS - I live in NY. Booooo to Bazaar!

Bbtufty wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

Hopefully I'm not too late =)

What I did with my rogue is put all his points into cunning and dex evenly, and had my character duel wield. Get all the various duel-wielding talents, and the rogue backstabbing ones. This gets much easier if you set up Wynne as a healer, have Morrigan magin from a distance, and Sten/Shale meleeing with you.

Hope this was good


Sanzee wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

There are many Rogue models available to the character, but I like to lean more towards a Melee DPS model. Of the three schools (Rogue, Dual-Weapon, and Archery) I lean towards Rogue and Dual-Weapon. If you're a ranged DPS model, you want to pour your points into Archery. If you're a melee DPS model like myself, you're going to want to start off with Below the Belt and Dual Weapon training. Below the Belt gives you a descent attack that can slow down enemies so they can't escape or can't pursue. Dual-Weapon training starts the first Dual Weapon chain, which will be your primary focus. As you advance through the first few levels, Dual Striking and Dual Weapon Finesse are a must. Also take Improved Combat Training at this point.

Next, at Level 4, Combat Movement presents a wider flanking area to produce backstabs. In the bigger fights, with alot of enemies bunched together, it's not easy to position you're rogue behind a target, so this helps alot. Let's see, at level 5 pick up Deadly Strike as a precursor to lethality for extra armor penetration. At level 6, Riposte will add another stun to your arsenal.

Once you hit level 7, you're first specialization opens up. You could go with Duelist, but I prefer Assassin since it concentrates on Damage. Damage is our first priority here. The first in the Assassin chain is Mark of Death; it increases damage on a specific target (highlighting the target in red). Party members will be able to do more damage to the target, especially warriors. This is great for enemies with a lot of health that require multiple attacks to kill.

At level 8, Leathility increases your critical chance and, as I understand, converts your cunning into strength for damage purposes. At level 9, Dual-Weapon expert adds even more critical chance. You need 26 dexterity and Expert Combat training to pick this up, though. I'd go far Coupe de Grace and Cripple at levels 10 and 11, which essentially pile on the damage with more chances for backstabs and critical hits. At levels 12 and 13, top off your Dual Weapon chains with Dual Weapon Mastery and Punisher. Now you can deal with huge threats, rather than just small ones, and wield full-sized weapons in both hands, and because of increased stamina, can use more talents at less cost.

Complete your Assassin Specialization with Levels 14-16. Exploit Weaknesses increases your damage potential by finding holes in your enemy's defenses. Lacerate gives you a damage-over-time effect. I like Feast of the Fallen because it replenishes your stamina with each kill. At Level 17 pick up Evasion, and 18 Feign death which decreases your threat level even more. Top off the last two levels with Dual-Weapon sweep and Flurry, which are combat-focused techniques.

It should be known that I am playing the console version of Dragon Age: Origins, though this build will have an equal effect on PC as well. The only class I wouldn't suggest focusing on in the console version is the Mage. Warriors and Rogues make for a great time on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

The contents of this submission are based on both my own personal experience, as well as some help from the Dragon Age strategy guide. However, personal experience beats strategy guides any day.

VaeVictus X wrote:

Thanks Sanzee. With that build, would you focus more on Dexterity or Cunning?

It's hard to say... there both very important to a Rogue Melee build. I would say both, but Dexterity more. Cunning should be second, though.

Silensfurtim wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

DEX Rogue - solo rogue
CUN Rogue - party rogue

Marbazoid wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

Melee Rogue, "The Scrapper"

Use a dagger in each hand, pump strength to 20 to use the best light armor (20 for Origins, 24 for Awakening), pump as much dexterity as you need to get your talents, then pour all your points into cunning.

Key Talents: Lethality, Momentum.

bri193 wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

Ok, really like archery, so here is my full archery spec'ed rogue.

Note 1: This build uses bows exclusively, no daggers/swords

Note 2: I recommend not using Leliana in your party, since many of the PC skills and talents will overlap with hers. Use Morrigan (if you can spec her with some healing spells early on) or Wynne, Shale and Sten (if you know how to build a decent 2H'er), then later Oghren.

Note 3: Use a mod that makes short-bow 100% DEX, as it should be...

Note 4: I used a DEX/CUN ratio of 60/40, but a 75/25 and 50/50 would also work depending on desired specialisations.

Recommended race: Human

Recommended specialisations: Ranger/Assassin. Consider Bard only if you plan on higher CUN.

I will break this down into Skills, then Talents

Early Skills

  • Coercion I
  • Coercion II
  • Combat Training I
  • Combat Training II
  • Combat Training III
  • Traps I

Mid-level Skills

  • Combat Training IV
  • Traps II
  • Traps III
  • Poison II
  • Poison III
  • Coercion III
  • Coercion IV
  • Stealing I (for Denerim Quests)

Higher-level Skills

  • Traps IV
  • Poison IV
  • Survival I
  • Survival II
  • Survival III
  • Survival IV

The order you take these will depend more on you play-style. If you prefer setting traps, then concentrate on Traps first, if you prefer bombs, then do Poison first. Or you can just focus on one or the other. I would recommend traps over bombs.

Key rogue Talents

  • Stealth (Max Out ASAP)
  • Deft Hands (Max Out ASAP)
  • Lethality (For when you want to switch from short-bow to long bow, but not necessary until mid game, when you can find/buy decent long-bows)

Archery Talents
Early levels

  • Melee Archery
  • Aim
  • Pinning Shot
  • Crippling Shot
  • Critical Shot
  • Arrow of Slaying (You want this ASAP)

Mid Levels

  • Rapid Aim
  • Shattering Shot
  • Suppressing Fire
  • Scattershot

Later Levels

  • Defensive Fire
  • Master Archer

Play style is important. You are essentially an advance scout leaving the party on hold at area transitions and/or well back around corners. You will spend most of your time scouting alone in stealth disarming traps and laying trap ambushes for the mobs you will draw out into corridors and passages. You pick-off the survivors with ranged attacks, kitting back to the party if you get overwhelmed. Obviously for the major boss battles, everyone will be forced on you.

In addition to our Build Tips, MikeMike37 also wrote in with a couple questions. If you have a better answser for him than we do, please leave us some feedback.

MikeMike37 wrote:
Spoiler: Highlight to view

I played as a rogue and was never sure of the benefit of the strength ability, as compared with the dexterity ability. Is it worth investing points in strength?

Also, I keep seeing on the dragon age wikia various talents which generate "no threat" - whats the deal with that? is holding back on talents a way for my rogue to lose aggro, or is it not worth bothering?



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Hi there guys,
I just heard your podcast and once again you did a great job! As a fan of Baldur's Gate since the first part came out in 1998 I am really looking forward to the BG2 redux. And I must say I'm immensely impressed with both the quality and the quantity of the new stuff the team has already put together. I can't wait for the first installment of their work to go online. Also the interview was great and very informative, despite there being seven people in the conversation. And if there is still anybody out there who hasn't played the original BG series, I must say: play it! The complete pack (both games and both expansions) only costs about 20 bucks. Plus there are a lot of mods for the games out there, most importantly the BG Tutu-mod which makes BG1 run on the BG2 engine (for new classes, a new race, new spells, better graphics, etc.), the widescreen mod (also allows higher resolutions) and various new NPCs, quests, additional banter and much more. You can find these and many more mods on http://www.pocketplane.net and http://www.gibberlings3.net

But I should get back to talking about Dragon Age, shouldn't I? Btw I do like it when you guys go of topic for a while, the loose format is fun and charming.
Anyway... regarding the overview about new mods, just reading out the names of the mods doesn't make much sense. Instead you should highlight the interesting and ambitious ones. Most of the mods are only minor changes or improvements such as face-morphs, recolors of existing items or balance tweaks and don't need a mention. Instead tell us about the release of more ambitious mods. Projects like "Alley of Murders" or "Kal-Sharok: The Crumbling City" should definitely find their way into the podcast. Maybe you could also review mods that have been around for a while? Perhaps you guys could also list the best mods on your website, maybe have a section of "podcast approved mods"?

Finaly I really like the idea of the community questions. Since my post was basically only about mods, let's not stop now and ask your listeners: "What mods do you use?" This question would also be a good way to start the mod-review section of the pocast. Wink

Keep up the good work!

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i just let a review in Itunes, hope it will help

I totally agree with the previous comment, the podcast is really nice and i LOVE when you do off topic Smile The format of being kind of "informal" is good for this kind of podcast.

There is something else that i really liked, even if you dont do it that much : i dont go to the DAO forums, no time for that. It is very nice when you read some thread, or try to extract some hot topics.

Keep doing great job

Au revoir Smile


PS : mods are really nice to talk about, but dont do ONLY mods Smile

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I really cant wait to try this Baldur's Gate 2 mod. Baldur's Gate really passed me by in the 90s, since i was mostly a console grown kid and the only PC in the house was my brothers - who wasnt a fan of sharing...

I tried an old friends CD of Baldur's a couple years or so ago, but found it just wouldnt run on Vista, even in that pointless "compatibility mode" (yeah right, anything thats compatible with Vista!) Smile. And seeing as DA is the spiritual successor to BG, its made me more than a bit interested in this mod project.


Dragon Age : The Dark Journey
Feature length Dragon Age Machinima Movie.

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I was a PMI member back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when I worked at Rockwell Collins. It was something they provided for their PMs, but pushing for actual PMP certification wasn’t something they cared about. I was also managing up to 20 live projects at a time so I had no opportunity to move forward with the certification.PMP certification

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