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Leliana's Letters | Dragon Age Podcast

Leliana's Letters

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Thank you so much to all those that wrote in with their entries, they made for a tough decision! Congratulations to our winners, you can check them out in Episode 12 and have a read below. All five winners will be receiving Leliana's Song Downloadable Content codes shortly. Without further ado...

(Click the spoilers to view)

Jack-in-the-Green wrote:
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My love,

I hope you continue to do well. How is everything at the Keep? You certainly don’t tell me much, just a few words in response to my letters. Don’t you love your Orlessian rose anymore? Or in order to make you care should I pick one of the young templars here and start seducing him? Ha ha, I bet you’re already jealous...

The expedition is making real progress. We finished clearing all the corridors and started to rebuild the temple. Last month be buried the carcass of the old Dragon on top of the mountain, and I was even allowed to pour a pinch of the Sacred Ashes to cleanse all the area.The next week we discovered in awe the whole burial ground covered with thousands of “Andrastes Grace”, already blossomed. Can you believe it? For me its a clear sign that the Maker is watching over us and rewarding our efforts. I’m not sure if Brother Genitivi agrees entirely with this, but he´s so grateful with us that he does’nt dare to contradict my perhaps excesive zeal.

But not everything is good news... Two days ago one of our supply caravans coming from Denerim was raided by darkspawn, and we barely manage to save it. But –mark this- just before we killed the emmisary leading the horde, he talked to us –can you believe this?-; he kneeled and pleaded woefully for his life. That was very upsetting for the men, but worse for me. I cannot think of this as other than a black omen concerning the future.

But let’s not think of that. Not even the wisest men know the end of all the trails. And indeed I know that if we are to play a part in what is coming, I will do it without any fear, as long as I have you by my side. If the worst comes, at least we’d been together.

Oh, how I long for the day of our so much delayed reunion!

Meanwhile I content myself with sitting by the fire, remembering the so many joyous days that we shared in happiness and some (now perhaps more pleasant to remember) that were sad. Yes, just as the song goes

Vir sulahn’nehn
Vir dirthera
Vir samahl la numin
Vir lath sa’vunin

If it’s somewhat strange for me to look back both in time and space on our past adventures, it must be stranger for you who’ve tread the same places, first as a nearly hopeless warden, now as the hero of Ferelden, the very fabric of new campfire-tales.

I wonder how, in the brief intervals of your present mission, the past must echo in your memory! Let it not echo often, without some loving thoughts to your true,


John wrote:
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This is Leliana. It has been many months since I saw you last in Denerim, and I still have not forgiven you. How could you have done this to me? Did I not become the woman you aspired to, become just as you thought about? For all those long months at the campsite, in our travels together around Ferelden, in those terrible, dark times before the Fall of Urthemiel, I watched you, tried to understand... and yet I cannot!

How could you have chosen that terrible Morrigan over me? Was it because of her artfully torn garments... her 'wild' life... or was it that you found her cruelty, her callousness... somehow amusing?

When you would come over to me, talk to me, I secretly thought that this was the time, this chance was what it would take. Sometimes you would be kind... you remembered my stories, you did not mock my beliefs in the Maker, you even brought me gifts, things that I had mentioned. But you also played a joke on me... me, a bard of Orlais, the favorite of Marjolaine herself!

For you once said 'I seem to be resisting your charms...' I now know why you did this. It was not an invitation... but merely something for you and that horrible witch-woman to laugh at...! You gave me new shoes when I complained of Ferelden's ugly boots... and at the first rainstorm, my lovely blue velvet shoes disintegrated in the mud! You gave me my mother's favorite Andraste's Grace... and I caught a rash! You gave me a nug, a little pet Schmooples, just the thing I thought I wanted... but the horrible beast ate holes in all of my clothes, ate the buttons, ate the buckles! It even ate my collection of sacred Andraste relics! How can I ever explain to the Maker, to the sisters at the Chantry... that the sacred golden symbol of Andraste is now a pile of nug poop?

You gave me all the things I wanted... and they became as nothing, less than nothing! Was this your final message to me?

If I could revive Marjolaine, I would ask her... she would know what to do, where I went so wrong, what it was that I could have missed...but she is gone now, and all I have is this, her bow. Tomorrow I shall take to the road again. I shall take this bow, and a sheaf of arrows... and I shall seek you. And when I find you at last, I shall string this very bow, nock arrow to string, aim carefully....

And I shall shoot... for your heart.

With all my love,


Firky wrote:
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I am well, if sad that we remain apart. Orlais carries on its merry way as I sit and observe.

By chance, I encountered our large, stone friend lumbering through town last week. Shale is good company but I do miss the pretty cooing of the pigeons in the square at morning market.

You will be pleased to hear that I had a pair of attractive red shoes made for her, and a pair for myself to match. I could not resist. Though, I cannot help but think that it should be you and I wearing matching red shoes.

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Nor can I forgive you for it. And this letter is now one more on an increasingly pointless pile.

You are always in my thoughts,


Tellervo wrote:
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Dearest Warden,

I promised that I would write you a letter once I was done here in Orlais, and I expect that I will be halfway to Amaranthine by the time this reaches you. I hear things have gone rather poorly in my absence, but I'm confident its nothing you couldn't handle in the end.

I regret to tell you that Marjolaine is not returning with me. I have come to terms with the fact that she is quite mad, beyond any help, and I took steps to make sure she will not be a danger to herself or anyone else in the future. It pains me, but I am hopeful! That part of my life is truly behind me now, and I carry only what I can use from it.

I am so very eager to return and meet your new wardens! If any of them are very handsome or beautiful I expect you'll take steps to ensure I dance with them at the ball you promised me. You haven't forgotten, have you? (I'm certain you have.) I am so terribly excited! You must save a dance for me, and your Zevran must as well, so long as he promises he'll mind his hands. Do not worry about hiring musicians; I will see to that when I arrive. But other things you should begin seeing to immediately! I have enclosed a suggested guest list based on what I know of Fereldan politics and what I've heard of your alliances, and some specifications for that fine dress you promised me.

More than anything, though, I cannot wait to see you again, and your Zevran, and Alistair, and dear Cassius (I must admit I have missed him the most!), and even Oghren. I pray that all is well and calm when I arrive, so that we can all finally enjoy some time for ourselves.

With great love, and prayers for the Maker's blessing upon you and yours,
Your dear friend,

MysteriXoX wrote:
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My darling,

A new day is dawning and as I stretch and yawn, my thoughts are of you. I wonder what you are doing right now and I wonder if you are thinking of me.

I am a bard of old habits, my love and I cannot break some habits. When the road you travel is so long and takes you further from me, I would like you to think of me and keep these words close to your heart.

The wind blows strong and it has been a cold day.
I think of you often, and wish you were near.
I hope you too, think of me.
If you whisper my name, I will hear.
When I look for distraction or need some attention,
Wrap your arms around me with your lips to my ear.
Whisper my name, I promise to hear.
When I want to feel warm and safe by your side,
When I want to feel love and from battles hide.
When I want to forget my heart full of fear
I will whisper your name and hope that you hear
But excuse me now in these, the coldest hours before dawn.
I don’t hear my name and I don’t feel safe or warm
I am lost and lonely and brush away my tears.
I will whisper your name and hope that you hear.

You are forever in my heart,



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