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DA Podcast - Episode 15: It's A Mad House! | Dragon Age Podcast

DA Podcast - Episode 15: It's A Mad House!

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VaeVictus X
I just finished Dragon Age: Origins with my first character, a Dwarf Commoner Warrior. Clocked in at 94 hours. Human Noble Rogue is next. :)
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Dragon Age Podcast

Episode 15 - It's A Mad House!

In this episode, we manage to keep the time down so you all can recover from the last Episode's feast of content. Despite the rather short length, we manage to cover the latest Dragon Age news, compare The Witcher to Dragon Age: Origins (at a listener's suggestion), bring you Mike's review of Witch Hunt, kick off our brand new Design A DLC contest, and wind up with some of our craziest tangents yet.

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Design A DLC

To win a free copy of the Witch Hunt DLC for the PC version of Dragon Age, all you have to do is write to letters@dragonagepodcast.com with your own idea for a DLC centered around any NPC of your choice from Dragon Age: Origins. Be sure to include a brief description of the plot along with any other features you have in mind. The concept should be for a DLC-length product, not a full expansion or spin-off.

We will only be accepting one entry per person. If you submit more, you will be disqualified. We will only accept entries submitted via email. Please do not enter if you already own Witch Hunt in order to provide the best opportunity for the prize to go to someone who can use it. Thank you.



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Thanks for getting the links up for episode 15, but I thought the contest had an actual adventure in it. Are the files found when the "Community Contest: Settlement" link followed a series of adventures, or empty settings?

I do have a comment on Witch Hunt and the Golems of Amgarrak. WH took me just under an hour to run through and GoA took me maybe 90 minutes total. Am I the only one? I ran through each blind, without reading anything about them other than the release dates, so it can't be that I knew what to expect. I would expect for that much to get at least a 2-hour gaming experience out of a DLC. Did anyone else fell this way?

I'm listening to some older shows and I have to ask if Dot is computer-generated by one of you, or do you just do something to someone's voice?

Thanks and Dave, I hope your mouth is feeling better.



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New listener, only up to show 4 atm. I am from the NW America but now live in the UK. I am an Xbox 360 only player now that RSI and sore arm made me stop PC gaming and just starting Dragon Age (finished Redcliffe).

I don't know where to write in for questions but I had one.

I heard one of the guys saying he played FFXI on PC. I was thinking about playing it on Xbox. Back in the day I used to play Everquest (original) and miss the classic MMO's. Also I am a working man who is married so I don't have TONS of time to sink. Is it worth it?

I personally really like the podcast, I know with 360 we can't do mods but I try and enjoy those bits too. I used to love getting mods on Oblivion. Also I did dabble a bit in Neverwinter Nights (although never got on with NWN 2 because one of the dudes sounded like a southern truck driver named Buck. Could imagine why in a fantasy RPG they would have that voice.)

Anyway love the podcast...keep it geek and I am sure we will all keep listening.

Oh yeah one more thing. Sony Online Entertainment has an online collectible card game like Magic the Gathering. I think it would be awesome if Bioware would make one in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect universe. It would sell loads!


John (Xboxfanuk)


Twitter: Xboxfanuk

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Terrific episode again guys. I'll chime in on Witch Hunt if I may.

To call Witch Hunt a disappointment or unsatsifying would be an understatement. For me it was nothing but a cynical cash grab. BioWare knew fans wanted Morrigan DLC and they decided to make money of that instead of a good continuation of the story and characters. This is by far the worst Dragon Age DLC. I'm not a fan of Darkspawn Chronicles but as least I could see that work and creativity was put into the concept and making it work. I could not see one aspect of Witch Hunt where creativity and effort went into it. The story was lazy and paper thin, the combat encounters were easy and uninspired. Even the much hyped confrontation with Morrigan was stale, anti-climatic and the bare minimum they could do. I got no answers... just a trailer saying "Stay tuned for Dragon Age 2". More effort seemed to be given to jokes about dog piss than Morrigan herself.

From the poor quality of the content to the lack of QA as apparent by the sheer amount of bugs reported, it seems that BioWare didn't give two figs about this release and that's really sad. Dragon Age: Origins was such a great game and for it to out go like this is a travesty. The great characters of Dragon Age: Origins deserved one last hurrah and the story of the Warden going after Morrigan should have been a proper expansion with time and effort dedicated to delivering an excellent story and giving our Origin companions their due. You would never see Pixar treat their characters or franchises like BioWare did with Witch Hunt. Imagine Toy Story 3 being relegated to a 5 minute short.

In regards to PAX, although neither of you may have gone to it I thought you might have discussed the information the developers released in their chats and Q&As. There seemed to be quite a bit of it.

PS. I see Dot has appeared in Halo Reach under the name Auntie Dot.